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A medical mistake during birth can be devastating and often results in several expensive surgeries, physical and emotional damage and a lifetime of challenges and pain. Unfortunately, these injuries are not rare. For every 1,000 babies born alive in the U.S. each year, six babies incur birth trauma injuries.

In many instances, birth injuries are caused by improper care and/or negligence by either the doctor or hospital, prior to or during childbirth, and can result in conditions such as:


If your child, or a child of a loved one, has been injured during birth, contact Michael Eidman immediately. With over 40 years of experience representing families with birth injury cases that range from cerebral palsy to brain swelling, Eidman understands the complexities of birth injuries and the serious damage that a medical mistake causes a child and their families. Eidman, along with his medical experts, will get to know you and your child and give you a fair assessment of your case. If the facts point to neglect or medical error, Eidman will construct the strongest case possible, giving you the peace of mind that your child’s legal obstacles are in good hands, leaving you free to attend to his or her medical needs.
When you are faced with birth injuries that will often last a lifetime, it is critical that
you put your case into the hands of a trustworthy and experienced lawyer who will assist you during this incredibly emotionally and financially challenging time.


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