Police Brutality and False Arrest

With crimes such as terrorism and drug trafficking on the rise, federal crime bills have taken more measures to crack down on these criminal activities.

Unfortunately, there is a dark side behind many of the measures taken to decrease this rise in crime such as:


The vast majority of these incidents are not reported by the media and even go unreported to the authorities. Fortunately, Americans have right, upheld by the law, that allows citizens to be fairly compensated if they are victims of police brutality or false arrest.

If you, or a loved one, have been assaulted or falsely arrested by a law enforcement official, your legal rights must be protected and your injuries, both mental and physical, must be compensated for. You will need an aggressive attorney to protect your legal rights and to secure compensation for the physical injuries and mental distress your or your loved one has endured. Contact Michael Eidman immediately to receive a free consultation and speak directly with an attorney with years of experience and expertise in both police brutality and false arrest cases. Michael Eidman will be able to assess your case and can determine the best course of legal action.

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