Testimonials From Former Clients

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Fall From Roof

I lost my only child in 2010 when she fell from a roof while helping her friend, whose father owned the building. My wife and I strongly believed that someone was at fault. We contacted Mr. Eidman and he took on what turned out to be a very difficult case.

Mr. Eidman demonstrated his experience, professional demeanor, and the most important to my wife and myself in this time of extreme grief was the true compassion he extended to us at every meeting or phone call.

Mr. Eidman kept us up to date on every phase of our case, which again I say was a very difficult case. I recommend Mr. Eidman to anyone who needs a true professional. We were more than satisfied with the outcome of our case. And I want to add that she was my only child, and my best friend.

Jimmy Gonzalez

Bronx, NY

Auto Accident

Michael Eidman got me a settlement I never expected

He’s a true professional. The owner of the car that rear-ended me claimed his vehicle was barely damaged but still got rid of it shortly after the accident. Michael tracked it down and obtained photographs of the totaled vehicle. He answered my phone calls and emails, if not right away, then within a few hours. I never had to wait a day for him to get back to me. He always had me come in to see him at my convenience. He kept me informed at all times as to what was going on with my case.

Michael and Daphne make the utmost professional team.They make you feel that your case is the only case they are working on.

Judith Forcier

Judith Forcier

Dumont, NJ

Medical Malpractice

Mr. Eidman was invaluable in helping us through a difficult time.  After surgery I suffered complications and we didn’t know what to do.  We consulted with various law firms and each time we were told that the case was too complicated and no law firm wanted to take the case.  We were dealing with doctors, medical bills and overwhelming emotions.   On top of all of that, the statute of limitations for filling suit was only 1 week away.  When we walked into Mr. Eidman’s office I assumed it would be a waste of time and that he (just like the others) would not take our case.  I’m happy to say that I was wrong.

Not only did he take our case, but he took the time to walk us through the process. He was honest about the difficulty of the case but told us he would do everything he could to find a way to be successful.

He answered our questions, no matter how trivial they might have been, because he knew that the answers would ease our stress. The difference between Michael and the other attorneys was that he was willing to do the extra work.

In the end, my case did not go to trial but Michael was able to get us a fair settlement.  I hope never to need an attorney again, but if I do, I will most certainly turn to Michael Eidman again.

I recommend him 100%.

Yolanda Mendoza

North Bergen, NJ

Personal Injury

For quintessential personal injury legal services, I recommend attorney Michael K. Eidman.

He represented me in a personal injury claim against the Board of Education and I have referred several of my friends and neighbors to him. His competence is beyond reproach.

Leonard Jones

Bronx, NY

Birth Injury

Our son was born with neurological impairments which we suspected were due to medical negligence during pregnancy and childbirth.

When the doctors, hospitals and insurance companies refuseed to accept responsibility, Michael Eidman was brought into the case as our trial lawyer.

Although we were certainly satisfied with the outcome, more importantly, we were extremely happy with the high level of professionalism, dedication, integrity and competence that Mr. Eidman demonstrated throughout the trial and beyond. Mr. Eidman is an attorney that we highly recommend.

Jacob & Jocelyne

Brooklyn, NY

Construction Accident

I was employed as an electrician and was injured on the job when a forklift holding a cage that I was in mulfunctioned and fell 20 feet. My injures consisted of multiple rib fractures, 3 fractures of my back and puntured lung.
After surgery to repair my back, I contacted Michael Eidman to represent me and my wife in a 3d party law suit. From day one, Michael kept us informed of the progress of the case.
Over the 4 years that it took to settle, we had many phone conferences, as well as numerous face to face meetings. Michael was willing to take this case to court and advised us of the many pros and cons, but my wife and I decided to settle out of court.

We highly endorse Michael Eidman as an attorney in a work related accident.

Tim & Bette McMorrow

Staten Island, NY

Auto Accident

I was injured when my car was struck by an oncoming car that had crossed the center line. The driver of the other car claimed that I had crossed the center line and her insurance company refused to enter into settlement negotiations with my lawyer. My lawyer referred me to Michael Eidman who filed a lawsuit, which resulted in a modest settlement offer, which we turned down. Eventually, both sides agreed to go to binding arbitration where I received an award in an amount that was six times the initial settlement offer.

I believed that we obtained this result because Mr. Eidman believed in my case and put a great deal of work into it and into his preparation for the arbitration hearing.

I wish to thank him and his paralegal Daphne for their professional, knowledgeable and expeditious representation.

Matthew Barlow

Bergenfield, NJ

Clergy Sexual Abuse

While attending services in a church, a young man helping out approached me to talk about a problem. Eventually, he confided that he was being molested by the pastor of that church. After telling the young man that he could not return there, he retained Michael Eidman to pursue civil legal remedies against the church and its pastor. This young man was able to deal with this extremely delicate matter because

Mr. Eidman gave him a sense of security and confidence despite threats of retaliation and exposure, handling the case with the utmost sensitivity and confidentiality.

Despite the church’s claim that is was not responsible for the acts of ots pastor and the church’s insurance company’s position that it did not cover these events, the young man’s lawsuit settled for a substantial sum after a day of meditation.

Father Louis Milazzo

Brooklyn, NY

Slip & Fall Accident

I was referred to Michael Eidman after I broke my hand and wrist after falling on ice in my building’s parking lot.

Michael was understanding and patient, a good listener. He was easy to work with and always called me back promptly if he was not immediately available.

Eventually, my case settled during mediation and I was extremely pleased with the result.

Odette Desforges

Mt. Vernon, NY

Slip & Fall Accident

Breaking my tibia and fibula in ’08 by slipping in ice in New York City was no picnic, and the legal complexities, especially against the City of New York, can be a nightmare.

Michael Eidman, however, turned the daunting complexities into a most smooth and pleasant experience, virtually a picnic. A true pleasure to work with.

Shlomo Bloch

Lakewood, NJ

Slip & Fall Accident

The matter I entrusted to Attorney Eidman was handled with a sharp and deep knowledge of the law coupled with a high degree of expertise, experience and professionalism.

Robert S.

New York, NY

Medical Malpractice

I would highly recommend Michael Eidman as a medical malpractice lawyer. When you speak with him, he is always very knowledgeable about your case;

you are not just a number to him because he believes in quality not quantity.

For example, my son’s case was a misdiagnosis of meningitis. Michael had never taken on a meningitis case before. He did an awful lot of research and I believe that by the time he was finished with my son’s case, he probably new just as much as lawyers who deal exclusively with meningitis cases. I was very satisfied with the result of my son’s case.

Patricia Grimley

Riverdale, NY

Medical Malpractice

While working as a chef, I badly cut my fingers and the emergency room staff did not diagnose the torn tendon in one of the fingers. As a result, my hand did not heal properly and I was never able to return to my job. I was referred to Michael Eidman and we brought a lawsuit against the hospital. The hospital never offered any money tosettle my claim. During the time that Mr. Eidman spent preparing the case for trial, I got to know him very well and I also was able to see the time, effort and ability that he put into my case. I enjoyed watching him work in the courtroom, where he explained the medical evidence and skillfully questioned the private detective who had been hired by the hospital to spy on me. The jury awarded us more than Mr. Eidman had requested and

the judge told us that my case was the first one in three years that had been won by a medical malpractice plaintiff in that judge’s courtroom.

Since that time, Mr. Eidman has become a close friend of my family and I would recommend his services to anyone who needs a personal injury or medical malpractice lawyer.

Mohamed Yousef

New Jersey

Police Brutality

Several years ago, while driving to a customer, I was stopped by two New York City police officers, who claimed that I had driven through a stop sign and made an illegal turn. One of the officers assaulted me and I was tasered by a police lieutenant. My wife and I were both arrested. We hired a lawyer who referred us to Michael Eidman, who sued the City and the police officers.

Mr. Eidman was conscientious, thorough and detail-oriented.

Eventually, the City made a final offer to settle the case, which we turned down. Shortly before trial, Mr. Eidman was able to obtain a settlement offer for 7½ times what the “final offer” was. My wife and I thought that offer was very fair and we were happy to accept it and to put a satisfactory ending to what was a very distressing situation.

Scott Hoberman

S. Huntington, NY

Motor Vehicle Accident

Michael Eidman represented me in two car accident cases. In the first case, I was driving one of my newborn twins to the pediatrician when a van ran a red light, destroying our car and leaving me with fractured ribs and spinal injuries. Michael was able to help me navigate the maze of no-fault insurance and during litigation, he prepared me for the unpleasantness of being questioned at a deposition by the defendant’s lawyer. After two years, we settled the case and during that time, Michael was always available to give honest answers to my questions.

After finally returning to work after a three-year hiatus due to my injuries, I was knocked down while walking across the street, again, with a green light. This time, I tore my rotator cuff and did further damage to my spine. Michael got me through the next suit as well. The defendant’s lawyers claimed that my new injuries had actually been caused by the first accident but Michael was able to prove otherwise.

I know that I can always depend upon Michael’s sound advice and persistence.

Deborah S.B.

Queens, NY

Sexual Abuse

When something unimaginable happened in my family — my 11 year old son was repeatedly sexually abused on the school bus — I was both saddened for my son and angry at the people who let it happen. I was uncomfortable talking to just anyone about such a sensitive subject, but a close friend referred me to Michael Eidman to pursue a lawsuit.

Michael’s compassion put me at ease, while his experience and knowledge facilitated his negotiating a settlement out of court.

I was so relieved that my son would not have to relive the experience testifying in court. I really felt like I was in good hands with Michael Eidman.


New Jersey

Personal Injury

In 1982 our family was involved in a dispute with a furniture company. In spite of our repeated calls and letters to the company, we did not receive any justice and we knew we needed to hire an attorney. Deborah opened the yellow pages hoping to find a great attorney and the first name that was revealed was Attorney Michael K. Eidman. He took on our little furniture case as if it was a Supreme Court case, taking it on with great pride and winning rapidly. This incident happened over 40 years ago and our family never sought another attorney as we continually seek his counsel on numerous legal matters. His honesty, integrity and sound legal counsel has been an asset to all of us.

Throughout the years, Mr. Eidman has settled several personal injury matters for various family members and has become a dear family friend in the process.

He celebrates with us during good times (weddings) and supports us through our personal tragedies (family funerals and diagnoses of cancer). We believe that all of these traits make Michael K. Eidman stand out among the competition. He is much more than a lawyer, but also a compassionate individual who believes not only in due process but in friendship as well. We are confident that Michael K. Eidman would be an asset to anyone as a personal attorney, we stand by his services and recommend him highly.

Ethel Headen, Annette (Headen) Parker, Deborah (Headen) Toppin

Personal Injury

Back in Dec 2012, the septum in my nose got fractured during a visit at the mall. One of the store’s signs fell on my nose as I walked by. I was recommended to Mr. Michael Eidman, Esq. by one of his former clients and so I immediately turned to him for representation.

I can honestly say that from start to finish, he remained pleasant with me and totally involved. Mr. Eidman worked at a fast and efficient pace and settled my case in less than eight months after the accident!

The best part of it all was that I did not have to pay anything upfront and his share (which was very reasonable), came out of my tax-free remuneration.

I don’t know of another lawyer who is as determined and as passionate as Mr. Eidman is at seeking compensation for one’s personal injury. My experience with him was easy-going and far exceeded my expectations. Mr. Eidman is the best in New York City; would recommend him to anyone!

Tamika Scriven

Brooklyn, NY

Auto Accident

Another attorney said there was no chance with my case, but Michael K. Eidman accomplished it. I can’t thank him enough.

Dennis Polanco

Bronx, NY

Fall In-Store

Working with a skillful, and honest lawyer, such as Michael Eidman, was a pleasure. The company I sued for negligence was in bankruptcy, and a friend recommended Mr. Eidman as a lawyer “who could pull a rabbit out of a hat.”  To my delight and surprise, he did. Thanks, again.




Joe T.

Queens, NY

Trip and Fall

My experience with Michael has been extremely positive. He doggedly pursued my case when others would have given up. Always upfront and honest, he kept me in the loop about everything going on, was flexible when I needed some flexibility and strong when I needed strength. I highly recommend him.

Anita Gerowitz

Auto Accident

I was lucky that someone I knew suggested that I reach out to Michael because of my motor vehicle accident. I was completely lost in terms of what legal process would be handling my case. And, my health was deteriorating due to the accident. The moment my husband and I met Michael, we knew we were in great hands. He was with me (us) every step of the way. Michael, thank you for your guidance, your patience, your determination and most of all, fighting for my settlement. You are a blessing! And, thank you to Daphne for doing the behind the scenes work as well.


New Jersey

Auto Accident

It was an arduous process and his advice yielded a great result. Rest assured in using his services.

Special thanks to Michael Eidman, Esq. for settling my case in the most efficient and timely way.

His professional manner, while keeping me informed, of the status of my case, was superb.

Whenever I had a question, or a problem, he was readily available and dealt with the problem in an expeditious manner.

Michael was thoughtful and careful in resolving my case and I highly recommend him.

Rachel Brandeis Feldman

New York, NY

Medical Malpractice/Wrongful Death

We will recommend him to everyone and anyone who needs a lawyer from here on!

Michael had become much more than a lawyer when my mom needed guidance for her case. He was patient and understanding. He then helped my family through the long grieving process of a wrongful death case.

He remained confident the entire time and also was available for any questions we had.

Shawn & Samantha

New York, NY