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Jury Verdict 100% Liability Motor Vehicle Right of Way

The plaintiff was driving her car on an entrance ramp attempting to enter traffic on the Long Island Expressway. Her car was struck on its right side by a tractor-trailer that was driving in the right lane of the highway. Our client suffered serious lower back injuries requiring extensive surgery and eventually a surgery to fuse several vertebra in her lower back. Even though the truck claimed to have had the right of way, at trial in Supreme Court, Queens County, we were able to bring into court the driver of the car that was directly behind our client’s car on the entrance ramp. That witness confirmed our client’s testimony to the effect that no portion of her car had left the entrance ramp at the time it was hit by the truck. As a result, the jury found the truck 100% liable for causing the accident. Following the 100% liability verdict, the case was easily settled for a confidential amount.